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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Don't get eaten by the lions of your mind

Well... we've just returned from a wonderful long weekend with the extended family in Toledo, Ohio. It was a great opportunity to be in the bosom of our family in advance of our safari adventure, but I can't help but have the feeling that many of my family members just don't get it. Of course, this is less a reflection of how they actually feel and more an indication of how I'm imagining they must feel about our impending move.

Hally's imaged version of a conversation with cousin A:

Cousin A: So.. I hear you are you are moving to Tan-zanny-a?

Hally: Yes. I'm getting really excited about it.

Cousin A: Well... don't get eaten by lions or anything. I don't know why you would want to take the kids to Africa, will they be safe from war and lions?

Hally's actual conversation with cousin A:

Cousin A: So... you're moving to Africa. That's so cool.

Hally: Yes. I'm getting really excited about it, it is an amazing opportunity for me professionally, and I think the kids will really enjoy it, and we'll be living in a big house and I'll have lots of help and of course I'll be back several times, and the contract is only for two years, and I'll try to get back for some family event or other - maybe even Passover next year, and isn't it exciting and I hope you'll come visit me for the absolute best safari ever, and there is also the beautiful island of Zanzibar, and you'll have to swim in the Indian Ocean and really you'll love it if you come to visit, don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime, and ......

Cousin A: (interrupting..) Sounds great!


Blogger Mom101 said...

I don't know which conversation I like better!

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your family doesn't come visit...
May I???

10:29 PM  

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