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Saturday, April 01, 2006

A prayer to the airplane gods

Well... two months out from our move and I'm already obsessing.... not about packing or planning, but about how the hell we are going to make it through 20 hours of travel with 2 1/2 year-olds. All I can do it pray (and being an agnostic Jew I don't really pray... ever). But for what it's worth, here is my prayer...

Dear Lord (or Lords or Ladies or the co-ed pantheon... whatever...)

Let them sleep. Let the Benedryl make them fall asleep rather than cause hyper fits.
Let them serve macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Let the people in front of us be good natured... the kind that don't mind being kicked in the back for 20 hours.
Let the people behind us enjoy a good LONG game of peak-a-boo.
Let the portable DVD player last well beyond the 3 hours it says in the manual. May Elmo be his usual entertaining self.
Oh lordy/lady, may the poops not smell too bad, and may they be easy to change in the postage stamp sized toilets.
And may you grant us restful, non-bumpy flights over your great oceans and continents.


Blogger Mom101 said...

I laughed out loud twice and that's not counting the one guffaw. You go, HRM!

8:52 AM  
Anonymous David H said...

Good prayer - hard to do in Hebrew tho ;-) Wishing you all of that and more on your flight! An iPod charge will last for 20+ hours, FYI (not to add to your shopping list, but...) Or buy extra rechargeable batteries for the DVD (if they are removable.) They never think of these things when they design these toys, do they?

10:21 AM  

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