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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hally's trousseau - the packing list, part 1

When you are moving overseas on a US government project you are allowed 7200 lbs of freight - sent by sea. This means that you can bring the kitchen sink (if that is what floats your boat). I'm more concerned about some of the smaller essentials of life - the things I'd be totally miserable without. Here is my essentials shopping list:

  • 24 bottles of Ken's Steakhouse blue cheese salad dressing (can't eat salad every day without it)
  • 300 super plus Kotex tampons (you ladies know why - there is nothing worse than having to use pads in a hot/humid climate)
  • 6 bras, size XXX (none of your business - but you can't buy them or have them made in TZ)
  • 10 Elmo DVDs (needs no explanation)

What else do you think I should add to my essentials list? There is a prize for the most important/overlooked item.


Blogger Mom101 said...

I'd swap out the kotex for OBs. they're smaller, weigh less and leave more room for essentials like kraft mac n cheese, zone bars, bliss lemon-sage moisturizer, emergen-C or similar, dvds with the full seasons of whatever HBO series you need to catch up on (deadwood! curb! sopranos!) and of course, your web cam.

10:22 PM  

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