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Monday, February 05, 2007

For Your Consideration

Lately I've switched from buying bootleg movie copies on the street to renting them for cheap at Katz Video Rental.

(Yes, I too have been wondering if we have a Jewish filmophile here in Dar. If so, maybe we can get them to open up a series of the Katz businesses I'd really like to see... like Katz Deli, or Katz Bagels. But I digress.)

I switched because as alluring as it is to have my very own video library of popular films, the bootleg copies are just too unreliable. Each time I bought a film I'd run home holding my breath - waiting to see if this copy was indeed in English (rather than Chinese or Russian), and if so, if it was a copy of a legitimate DVD or filmed in a movie theater.

In some ways, the movie theater copies are the best. It is certainly the most authentic movie-going experience, since you have real live audience reactions to the film, coughing neighbors, people getting up to go to the bathroom... But alas, the sound quality is often quite poor.

At Katz, on the other hand, the videos are always in English and usually they are good copies. In the last few weeks I've rented The Departed, Dreamgirls, Babel, Little Miss Sunshine, and Little Children. Turns out that a member of the Academy has been selling their copies to bootleggers. For each of these Oscar contenders I've been watching copies of films provided to members of the Academy for their judging pleasure. The words For Your Consideration pop up every 15 minutes or so. I love it! I'm so on the inside!

And now, it is my turn to offer you something For Your Consideration.

Liz has nominated my blog for the Most Inspiring Blog category for the Share the Love Blog Awards. Click on the link to the left and go vote for me. I have no chance of winning, but my ego won't be able to take it if I come in dead last.

Asante Sana (Thank You)


Blogger Georgia said...

What a genius idea to nominate you for an award - wish I would have thought of it. BUT I went to the site to vote for you and couldn't find where you're listed... DARN. Am I being stupid??? While I'm here, we must catch up on our Staying Alive meet from last week - it was a good one!!! Missed you - never the same without you. xx

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Becky said...

I really want to vote for you but can't figure out how. what link to the left? I have clicked here and clicked there but to no avail. is this the Jeb Bush school of voting? no ballots?
well, you have my vote even if I can't find a ballot.

6:12 AM  
Blogger Mom101 said...

I tried the link, it seems fine. If not, people can here.

You inspire me all the time Hal!

And I'm so jealous that you've seen Little Children and Babel before me! Grrrrr

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Bob Rice said...

Thanks Hal. Great reading, as expected. Seems like the survey has expired ...

Bob Rice

5:15 PM  
Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

I voted for you in the first round! A very worthy nomination!

12:07 AM  
Blogger suburban dyke said...

Sorry I missed the vote! Your blog rocks and I'm sure will be nominated for more blog awards! This is a sub-culture status of which I have just become cognizant!

5:31 PM  

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